Thank you very much,

to our fellow students for sharing amazing sketches, to you and all the people who followed our journey, to helpers and friends for making this project possible and last but not least to our sponsors, the International Office of the TU Munich, Boesner Künstlermaterial and Stillman & Birn.

Stay tuned for more in early 2015.

Cheers and keep sketching!

Hannah, Luis, Simon, Patrick




We are a group of architecture students from Munich. Our Bachelor includes a year studying abroad. Therefore 160 students will spread all over the world from August 2013.

one year / 160 students / 37 countries

160 Sketchbooks were distributed to all our fellow students for free, which act as visual logbooks for our personal impressions during the year abroad. We think this is a unique chance to collect drawings, texts or collages from highly different cultures, countries and people. „Logbook Munich“ is a blog which allows to share our experiences and hopefully will inspire all people interested not only in architecture, but also in different cultures and wanderlust.

We´d like to thank „Boesner Künstlermaterial“ and „Stillman & Birn“ for sponsoring us with high-quality sketchbooks. Furthermore special thanks to our home university, TU Munich, for financial and knowledge support.